24 January 2008

"Plain" for Illustration Friday


Kathleen said...

I do like this! The daunting blank canvas looks so oppressive.

It reminds me of the song "Wilfred the Weasel" - "Empty canvas indicating inspiration sleeping late": http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~kmr/lyrics/album1/wilfred.htm

Kstyles said...

Aww! This is really cute.

Ellis Nadler said...

That could easily be me

JO said...

I hate looking at a plain white canvas. Nicely done.

ulf k. said...

Hi Frank, that drawing is graet. I had something like that in mind before I hav made what I have made for IF.

Your Blog is very fine. There a lot of good illustrations. On your homepage I saw, that you are living in Hamilton. I guess it was 1997 when I was there visiting a friend who was there for exchange year at the university. Does there still exist the Bauhaus-café? We were there a few times. There was a nice atmosphere, a very nice waitress and they had german beer :-)

All the best


Marion said...

This is good.

Lúcia Brandão said...

Hi Frank

Im Lúcia Brandão
ilustradora from Brasil
I love you draw!!!!
But.....dont speak english!!!

elisa de cremona said...

uyy a mí se me ocurre una "elisa de cremona en chile" JAJAJA genial!!


Rico said...

Oh man -- can I relate to that feeling... there are piles of empty and half-finished canvases littering my studio...LOL