2 March 2008


greetings all,
some weeks ago, Isay tagged me about a "peace, love and global unity" theme.
finally I made something regarding that - here it goes!
I hope Isay and all of you'll like it.
have a nice week, guys!


isay said...

I like it so much Frank! Everything's in harmony in your illustration. It is perfect. The sun signifies the global hope in attaining the goal.

Thanks a lot!

elisa de cremona said...

qué buena la ilustración!!!

frank h. said...

good - I'm glad you liked it, Isay - thanks for give me the possibility to draw this
a good week 4 u!

gracias, Elisa - salió simpática!
buena semana, mujer!

Anonymous said...

So much love in that one illo. Awesome!