28 May 2008

dancing with Herb Alpert... the '80s

to dance (or to listen) old records its a touching thing - I can remember a casette (!) by Herb Alpert that I liked a lot in the '80s.

I found in YouTube something from that album and want to share it with you - have a good time!

26 May 2008

22 May 2008

9 May 2008

"Electricity" for IF

this is my contribution this week. for a hi-res version of the drawing you must go to my Flickr page.

2 May 2008

"Seed" for Illustration Friday

this is my contribution this week - I hope you'll like it.
a good topic for spring - here, up north, its time for tulips and new foliages. only we need warmer temperatures and everything will be fine.