30 October 2008

25 October 2008

Gage park, Hamilton, ON - yesterday

more images of the place, here.

"Halloween is a week away. Why isn’t anyone buying the Sarah Palin costume? Her trick-or-treat bag alone costs $10,000" -Alan Ray

"...at a zoo in India the country’s only gorilla is lonely and needs a mate. He’s so depressed that every year on his birthday he blows out the candles and wishes he was a cow" - Paul Seaburn

"...not a great day for Sarah Palin. Today, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said that’s she’s not ready to be president. And he’s a Republican! and He’s like their super killer robot!" - Craig Ferguson

24 October 2008

'Vacations of Repair' for Illustration Friday

that's what all we need - a good vacations of repair - reading, strolling and drinking a cup of good wine under friendly sun rays. until that - work...
here it goes my contribution for "Repair", for Illustration Friday. a hi-res version, here.

22 October 2008

'Wine Sunset' - abstract in the middle of the week

middle of the week and we have a beautiful sunny day here, in south Ontario - a little bit chilly, but beautiful anyways - so, here we go with an abstract work full of fall colors and light: 'Wine Sunset'. you can see a hi-res version in my Flickr page.
and now you can see also my current weather in the column on the right hand.

I am enjoying a lot doing this line of abstract designings - it's fun - and isn't so simple like apparently is. at least for me.
the goal is to put them on canvas - and for that I'm looking for a viable way to transform CMYK or RGB colors to acrylic combinations.
its clear that those combos follow up a math rule - I'm working on that - any advance I'll tell you.

20 October 2008

monday of parallel dreams

monday - starting the week with abstract art: 'Parallel Dreams'. you can find a bigger version at higher resolution in my Flickr gallery of 'Abstracts'

have a good week, my friends!

18 October 2008

"Late in the City" - for Illustration Friday

my second proposition for 'Late' - the topic of the week in IF. the first one was this.
if you want to revise a higher resolution drawing, you can go to my Flickr site.

have a nice weekend, everybody!

12 October 2008

abstract + figurative

in my Flickr page I am posting a new line of digital paintings. they will be on canvas very soon!

10 October 2008

"Strings" for Illustration Friday

I think this south-american woman preparing wool for her loom is right for 'Strings', the topic of the week.
for a high resolution version of the drawing you can go to my Flickr page.

have a very nice weekend, IFs!

5 October 2008

on the Rockies

flying back from Vancouver, BC to Toronto. for a hi-res version of the image you can go to my Flickr page.

4 October 2008

Sarah Silverman on voting

this funny clip by Sarah has been answered for the comedian Jackie Mason, who represents exactly the 'type of jew' that Sarah aimed in her ad.
anyways, people get very involved in USA's elections this time, because they are important not only to the States, but to the world.
that's it for today - have a nice weekend!