18 April 2010

sunset wine


Anonymous said...

I love that you grouped everything relaxing together in this picture. Being an artist myself, I can see that this took quite some time to conceive. I like your style but can’t quite peg exactly what’s going on as far a pigeon holing it to a specific school or type of online art .I find it highly decorative. It would be the perfect decorative piece hanging over a couch or a dining room table. The whole presentation is ultra relaxing. It’s just the way I feel pouring a glass of Shiraz in fine crystal. I swish the wine letting the aroma fill my nostrils with whiffs oak, cherry and chocolate. Wine… there is no dearer or more loving non entity to relax with. Thank you for taking us on your artistic journey. The setting sun fills the evening sky with flame; the day is over. It’s time to “Relax.”

Frank H. said...

thanks, Anonymous - interesting link