31 July 2011

Matt Groening

Matt Groening by frank h.
Matt Groening, a photo by frank h. on Flickr.
american cartoonist and screenwriter, creator of the TV series The Simpsons and Futurama, also creator of the comic strip Life In Hell.
Matt in Wikipedia.
The Simpsons
Matt at Comic-Con San Diego 2011
Matt and apps for Comedy Central

21 July 2011

Alan Moore

Alan Moore by frank h.
Alan Moore, a photo by frank h. on Flickr.
british writer with a great influence in comics. many of his works has been adapted to movies: V For Vendetta, From Hell, The League Of The Extraordinary Gentlemen, Watchmen - among them.
Alan Moore in Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Moore
Fans Site www.alanmoorefansite.com/

19 July 2011

coast of Chile images - part 2

yesterday I was talking about the excellent photography web site of Stéfan Lébesque and Carlos Álvarez in relation to a collection of photos shot by Stéfan in Chile's central coast.

today, Stéfan posted a second bunch of his Chile's coast images. a must see, and the web site itself 100% worth a follow.

18 July 2011

coast of Chile images

Stéfan Lévesque shares a wonderful photography web site with Carlos Álvarez: texts, haikus and superb images.
days ago, Stéfan published a collection of photos of the Chilean central coast. colorful, perfect composition, full of air and light. enjoy them!

13 July 2011


hand by frank h.
hand, a photo by frank h. on Flickr.
model: my left hand. drawn with the on-line application Harmony

7 July 2011

watching afar

watching afar by frank h.
watching afar, a photo by frank h. on Flickr.
today i'm starting the unification of this blog with my flickr account. hope will be fine and you'll like it - just clicking on the image to open my flickr gallery. easy!
thanks for visiting and commenting. always welcome!

1 July 2011