28 August 2011

in the nature

enjoying the last days of this summer. a good advice: go out, take in clean air and give your skin some sun. take with you a thermos with coffee, fruits and a 1 dollar copybook where to draw sketches.
have a nice day!

12 August 2011

the size of the trout

the size of the trout by frank h.

the size of the trout, a photo by frank h. on Flickr. 

this friday, remembering this old kind of sketch illo. 
thanks for passing by and have a great weekend!

7 August 2011

Lee Smolin

Lee Smolin by frank h.
Lee Smolin, a photo by frank h. on Flickr.
american scientist, theoretical physicist - called "the new Einstein".
Official website.
Lee Smolin in Wikipedia.