31 October 2011

26 October 2011

la chancha from Valparaiso

those who grew up in Valparaiso, Chile, know "la chancha" a very unusual play for children. of course it is very dangerous also. there is: a cultural expression from the times when children played outside home, in the street. when fun came from their own inventiveness and imagination.
the guy in the drawing is an adult - to make it funnier, because under the weight of a grown up earthling 'la chancha' became like a russian roulette.

24 October 2011

a new day

something to start the week with energy and positive thoughts. have a nice one, everybody!

21 October 2011

HUMAN FUEL for Illustration Friday

HUMAN FUEL for Illustration Friday by frank h.

this is my contribution for Illustration Friday this week. topic 'Fuel'. human fuel, good for you and for the environment, fun and clean. - have a very nice weekend, creatives!

16 October 2011

the spanish guitarist

El Mac is a spanish street artist. here, in the city of Tudela has painted this amazing mural:

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15 October 2011

for a poem

many years ago I used this to illustrate a poem called Poliedro (Polyhedron, in spanish):

14 October 2011


sometimes all what we need is a tall drink in a pink-with-palms painted place, a bunch of change for the wurlitzer, a green t-shirt with a dragon...

and a video by the Blue Hawaiians... 

12 October 2011

El Mundo es Tuyo (The World is Yours)

a lovely short movie directed by Aaron Rose, filmed in Guayaquil, Ecuador.


a simple walk in the nature, in a near park, far from the noisy beehive of the city. a bottle of water, an apple, and silence. only the birds, the breeze moving foliage, air cleaning our brain. during an hour, a brief return to paradise.

9 October 2011

happy thanksgiving Canada!

happy thanksgiving Canada! by frank h.
happy thanksgiving Canada!, a photo by frank h. on Flickr.

yeap. every second monday of October, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving. a family holiday with a great dinner.
so, canucks, have a happy one this year! 

3 October 2011


magic. the capacity to wonder ourselves. that rest of childhood that must remain in our soul if we want to live a most creative, complete, happy life. for us and for those around us.
here we are starting a new week. other seven days full of duties, work and to-do things from a list. so, let me ask for some inexplicable magic during these days. better, let me bring some magic to those busy hours, to make them not only bearable, hopefully, to make them colorful and happier.

1 October 2011

flamenco guitarist

quick drawing of a flamenco 'cantaor'. 
Paco de Lucia is not a cantaor, but a flamenco guitarist. an excellent one. I wanted to complete this weekend post with a video by Paco, filmed a lot of years ago: 1976. but good is always good. so, here is Paco de Lucia rendering 'Entre Dos Aguas' (Between Two Waters). enjoy it!