25 February 2012

more doodles

yesterday I posted here some doodles I made on pieces of paper which were accumulating around the phone and in my car. today there are more. from the same sources. in general, they are drawn with black or blue ballpoint pen, on napkins, bills, brochures, you name them... hope you'll like them.
and remember, have a great weekend!

24 February 2012


here I'm posting some doodles done don't remember when. possibly in my car, waiting for somebody, ballpoint pen on any piece of paper around.
have gathered a large bunch of them and started to scan some. it's pretty interesting to revise what goes out when you have an unexpected cocktail of pen, paper and time. will be more.

17 February 2012


smoker by frank h.

I bring back an old doodle from 2006 this friday. a cool one, smoking and wearing sun glasses. hope you'll like it. here, after a couple of cold, snowy days, the spring/winter has returned also. with blue skies, white cotton clouds and sun rays. here and there. not bad at all. no complaints.
and for you all, my wishes of a great friday! (long weekend here in Ontario!).

12 February 2012

snow over the city

that from friday night was a mini storm. some snow, nothing terrible. but the city woke up white. these are some photos I shot around on saturday morning:

11 February 2012

proud croco

winter made it's way back to Hamilton. this time made it's job and we have streets, roads, sideways and roofs full of snow. like a normal winter.
but already stopped, the storm came yesterday night and was done today in the morning. only to remember us we are in Canada and we must have a canadian winter. anyways, the view is beautiful: the new-born snow, totally white over the city is like a postal card landscape. nice. afterwards, we recall we must go out to clean driveway and sideways. an opportunity to talk with the neighbors also.
well, today I have this illo to post, a proud croco riding it's monocycle. something to watch. have a wonderful saturday!

10 February 2012


just found in a CD this old illustration from, I think, around 2006. here it goes. and, you know, have a nice friday evening, everybody!

9 February 2012

new record

 a glorious sunshine today over Hamilton, ON., again. no ice, no snow. this winter starts to brake records: last monday broke one, the highest recorded temperature for February 6 was in 1990, with 5.6 degrees Celcious. last monday afternoon we had 7 degrees C. at Hamilton.
that makes last monday the warmest Feb. 6 in the past 52 years. global warming or La Niña? - I don't know. I only know to post a new drawing and enjoy the sun rays on my face. have a good day!

7 February 2012

Frank Robbins homage

I made this version of a Frank Robbins drawing as a homage to the great artist. one of my all-time favorites, I always enjoy revising (and learning) again and again the Robbin's artwork.

6 February 2012

pen doodle

what a wonderful 'spring' day was this monday in Hamilton, ON. it has been a completely unusual winter. they say isn't a global warming issue, but a La Niña phenomenon subproduct. anyways, here we are enjoying these sunny, warmer days in the middle of the winter.
ok, here goes this quick doodle. hope you'll like it. have a great evening! (and a great week).

3 February 2012

watching TV - sketch

while some parts of the States, Europe and Australia are suffering very extreme weather, storms, snow and floods, here we are enjoying of this almost-spring time. not bad, comparatively speaking.
the bad news is that after two weeks, x-rays and ultrasounds, my doctors are not sure what's causing me pain on my left hip and leg. big problem because my mobility has been reduced consistently and to do anything takes me three times long.
now they are sending me to a MRI next week. will see. hope to finish the diagnosis stage and start asap the actual treatment. it's about time already.
ok, enough complaints, leave you with this doodle and have a great weekend everybody!