11 May 2012

Crumb by Crumb

I am reading 'The Book of Genesis' drawn by the legendary Robert Crumb, and really enjoy every page and every panel of the book. a long time admirer of Crumb, the master, it was a surprise for me to meet him doing something very different, although  - like always - with his renown mastership.
the Pentateuch (Genesis is the 1st one of them) is a group of very mysterious texts, with a hidden meaning I think yet elusive for us. a meaning maybe buried forever under the sand of times.
Crumb's work shows all of that: the legends and the myths, the tangled stories and their incomprehensible paths, under the black and white, inky, graphic treatment of the artist. highly recommended!
so, I went to Google and looked for some self-portraits of Crumb. he has done a lot through the years. nobody can catch better the character and the aura of Crumb than Crumb himself. I selected these ones. enjoy! (tried to upload them in chronological order)

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