28 June 2012

nesting at Pier 4, Hamilton, ON

a barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) nest at Pier 4, Hamilton:

the nest is found under the roof of this shed:

and pay attention, the barn swallow is in danger in Ontario, so everybody can help them - a starting point can be to know a little more about this beautiful bird.

20 June 2012

two photos

two photos I took in the last days without any logical reason:

16 June 2012

around Pier 4, Hamilton, ON

last days of spring in Hamilton. waiting for the summer. more images from Pier 4 environs:

15 June 2012

swan nesting, Hamilton, ON

swan nesting at Pier 4. one parent almost immobile over the nest. the partner, nearby.

14 June 2012

13 June 2012

Valparaíso drawings // dibujos de Valparaíso

Great Britain ave., Valparaíso, Chile // Av. Gran Bretaña, Valparaíso by Frank.Hilzerman
Gran Bretaña Ave., on Playa Ancha hill,
southern Valparaíso, Chile

those who like my takes of  Valparaíso streets and corners, can go here to revise all the images made until now. there they are and I promise more to come. keep in touch!