28 November 2012

in the party // en la fiesta

in the party // en la fiesta by Frank.Hilzerman

a sunny wednesday. but very cold. all the people walk with their hands into the pockets. it's the best sign to know if it's cold or not. anyways, good to see some sun and blue sky, despite the temperature.
last night started to watch 'Luther', the BBC TV series. excellent, totally recommended... if you like a good mystery crime thriller. british are the best doing this kind of production.
that's all for now. have a nice day!

26 November 2012

belle // bella

belle // bella by Frank.Hilzerman

monday. here, the first signs of snow - the light one, it melts arriving the ground. cold and gray days. the weekend went pretty good: a very nice meeting with old friends. talking and laughing, you know how it is.
listening a lot of classical music the last days. something inside me was asking for a quiet, beautiful classical break.
normally I listen it on line. have some fave radio stations there:
icebergradio, kusc, accuradio, kdfc,  the excellent classicandjazz  and, of course, the torontonian 96.3fm.

enjoy them and have a great monday!

24 November 2012

by night in the city // por la noche en la ciudad

by night in the city // por la noche en la ciudad by Frank.Hilzerman

my wishes of a very nice weekend, my friends. here, a sunny morning, but a deceiving one - very cold outside. actually, it´s the first morning in which all the roofs I see from my windows are white. think that during the night temps went deep below zero. nothing unexpected - we all know winter is coming sooner or later. and there is nothing to do about that. only to prepare warmer clothes.
see you, guys...