15 December 2012

artistic bunny // conejito artístico

artistic bunny // conejito artístico by Frank.Hilzerman

a week posting drawings of people drawing. this is the last one, a kind-of-bunny-people, but people anyways. if you like it, then have all my wishes of a great weekend! but, if you don't like it also have all my wishes of a great weekend! 
take care and see you soon...

13 December 2012

drawing 2 // dibujando 2

thursday - the fifth drawing of people drawing this week. hope you'll like this one. around here today, sunny and warmer, after many days of clouds, cold wind and rain. nice. have you a nice day also.

12 December 2012

Rick Tulka

this is my fourth drawing of people drawing this week. a small homage to Rick Tulka, which drawings we enjoy on a daily basis at his flickr account.
this drawing comes from a photo of Rick I found in there. hope you'll like it. and visit his site, it is simply awesome. have a great day!

11 December 2012

drawing // dibujando

drawing // dibujando by Frank.Hilzerman

it is lightly snowing this morning. a delicate kind, on ground it dissolves quickly.
well, here goes the third drawing of people drawing in the week. hope you'll like it.
have a very good day!

10 December 2012

sketching 2 // bosquejando 2

sketching 2 // bosquejando 2 by Frank.Hilzerman

second of the series - drawings of people drawing.
we were around Niagara Falls yesterday. it was gray, rainy and cold. but we were visiting an old tea house, tasting greens, whites and other kind of teas and picking some sweets there. it was really nice actually, although the ugly weather. in the car, psychedelic tunes from the '60s, Donovan, Procol Harum, the Mamas & the Papas... you know. and that's was for sunday. back home, dinner and a good tv series... today, a new week starts. have a great one, fellas!

9 December 2012

sketching // bosquejando

sketching // bosquejando by Frank.Hilzerman

starting a week with drawings of people drawing. this is the first one, made by 2007. hope you'll enjoy the series.
have a great sunday, guys!

8 December 2012

rocker // rockero

rocker // rockero by Frank.Hilzerman

a happy hanukkah to all my jewish friends. for the rest, my wishes of a very nice weekend!

3 December 2012

jurassic park honeymoon // luna de miel en el parque jurásico

jurassic honey moon by Frank.Hilzerman 

starting the week with this old drawing from 2006. hope you'll like it.
have, everybody, a very nice monday!

1 December 2012


samba by Frank.Hilzerman

yesterday, the first serious snow over the region. but, it stopped during the night. now, gray and cold, whire roofs. winter is here already.
anyways, have a great weekend!