23 March 2013

this 'Merluza' for IF's SWIM

Merluza by Frank.Hilzerman

a click on the image for more info.
take a look to Illustration Friday collection also.
and have a great weekend!

20 March 2013

to old gone times // a tiempos idos

an old drawing (2005-2006) which, in turn, was done as a memory of older times in a hot country and in an apartment near to the sea. found and posted:

18 March 2013

four with bird // cuatro con ave

opening the week with this drawing from 2005. four guys and a bird. nothing special about this - only four guys and a bird.

have a great a productive week!

15 March 2013

an Eyes Boy for IF

eyes boy // el niño de los ojos by Frank.Hilzerman

I think this poster is a good match for 'Eye Glasses', the Illustration Friday's topic this week. 
and remember: have a very nice weekend!

13 March 2013

12 March 2013

4 in the living-room // 4 en la sala

in the living, with a cat and talking to two girls. an old illo from 2006. it's another drawing found recently in a CD. will be more!

10 March 2013

illos from yesterday // dibujos de ayer

This can be a post for 'Yesterday', the topic of the week in Illustration Friday: I found a CD full of old illustrations from around 2005 and 2006. some of them are cute and deserve to be posted... 'again' (I don´t remember if in the past posted them here or in flickr, and I am too lazy to look for it). so, here goes the first of those old illos:

a man preparing himself to watch TV, while his girlfriend calls him to bed... an illo from 2006.
have a very nice sunday!

3 March 2013


my contribution to the topic 'talent', this week in Illustration Friday.
it was quickly made on Windows Paint. hope you'll like it.
have a great week, everybody!