26 April 2013

the farewell // el adiós

the farewell // el adiós by Frank.Hilzerman

this illustration from 2010, for 'Farewell', topic of the week in Illustration Friday.
have a great weekend, artists!

20 April 2013

3 April 2013

three in the gallery // tres en la galería

this family in the gallery is a drawing made in 2005. without a draft, it was drawn directly on paper and digitally colored afterwards. now it is different, now I take my time, make several drafts and carefully select the colors. new times.

1 April 2013

girl on the grass // chica en el pasto

girl on the grass // chica en el pasto by Frank.Hilzerman

starting the week and the month with this spring feeling drawing. I think it was done by 2005. hope you'll like it. and have a nice day!