14 September 2013

the Chedoke Trail, Hamilton, ON

images of the Chedoke Trail in Hamilton, ON., I took the last week. The road and some houses around it. hope you'll enjoy them:

Hamilton, ON., from the Chedoke golf court

wild apples

11 September 2013

the final shot

a montage of the the best final shots of several good movies:

9 September 2013

OMG, still the ironing lady is not here!

the twitter account Middle Class Problems is hilarious. in it Benjamin Lee from London, UK, publishes daily all kind of complaints he finds in other twitter accounts about the 'toughness' of occidental, middle class living... reading it, we can take a shallow, but fast look at how pampered we are as a society.
after second thoughts, you know, comparatively, it's a lot better in this way:

8 September 2013

Hendrie Valley Sanctuary, Burlington, ON

Images of Hendrie Valley Sanctuary in Burlington, ON. All of them taken the latest thursday. Hendrie Valley is a big marsh micro-habitat declared natural reservation in 1941. A place plenty of life, perfect for birds and insects lovers. Enjoy the takes!:

2 September 2013