22 October 2013

the new icon

this is the doodle I'm using as a new icon in blogs, flickr and twitter.

19 October 2013

Miami man with cigar

Miami man with cigar by Frank.Hilzerman
Miami man with cigar, a photo by Frank.Hilzerman on Flickr.
here, rainy and grey. maybe, missing the sunny days of summer I made this tropical doodle walking by the sea under blue skies. hope you'll like it.
have a great weekend!

14 October 2013

late in the night

late in the night by Frank.Hilzerman
late in the night, a photo by Frank.Hilzerman on Flickr.
after a rainy grey thanksgiving sunday, today we have a beautiful and sunny monday in Hamilton, ON. hope the good weather will continue for all the week. and have a great one, everybody!

4 October 2013

man smiling on a bi-color background

finally friday. on fridays its possible to taste and smell the weekend and thats cool because during the weekend we can do something different: in weekdays we draw in the studio but on weekends we can go out... and draw