27 December 2013

Van Gogh Shadow - Luca Agnani

in this video, the artist Luca Agnani added animation and shadows to some renown pictures by Vincent Van Gogh:

15 December 2013

13 December 2013

where are the creators

somebody re-sent this to my email. it shows a sad reality: the current disaster in pop music. how bad the things turned out in 40 years. today the pop world dances only around money and advertising, quality and creativity zero.

9 December 2013

an elegant felon

an elegant felon by frank-h
an elegant felon, a photo by frank-h on Flickr.
I'm posting a series of drawings I made looking at old photos from the Police archives in the '20s. the images are quirky, the characters are weird, but very interesting. try to catch their aura is fun.