29 September 2007

"The Blues" - for Illustration Friday

hi, guys - this is my contribution this week.
have, everybody, a
super great weekend!

21 September 2007

'Juggle' for Illustration Friday

hi, there! please meet the boss of the pond.
(its good for a cartoon, bad thing is that too many people
see themselves like this croco, isn't?)

have a
wonderful weekend, everybody!

19 September 2007

marimba man

"the marimba man" - made with a black Parker ball pen and colored with Photoshop. tropical tunes for the middle of the week.

14 September 2007

"Wedding" for IF

ooops! - this is my contribution this friday.
have a
nice weekend, everybody!

12 September 2007


this a new drawing made with a black Parker, scanned and colored with Photoshop.

8 September 2007

'Momentum' for IF

hi there! - if you don't remember that tedious physics class since the school, or that day you skipped it because was too rainy... or too chilly... or too hot - here we go with the formula. there is not escape, my children!
have a wonderful weekend.

(drawn with a
black Parker and colored with Photoshop)

5 September 2007

4 September 2007

photoshopped guitarist

hi, everybody - a new drawing made with ballpoint pen, colored with Photoshopcan find more of these at the Ballpoint Pen Club, also, you can join yourself to the club and contribute with your art.