29 November 2008

Yehudith Ravitz, "Forgiveness", '80s -'05

I think this clip is from the beggining of the '80s. History!
a very young Yehudith Ravitz singing 'Slichot', ('Forgiveness') a classic israeli song based on a poem by Leah Goldberg.


You came to me, to open my eyes.
To me your body was a view,
A window and a mirror.
You came as night comes to the owl
To show him, in the darkness, all things.

And I learned: There's a name
For each eyelash and fingernail,
And for every hair on the exposed flesh.
And the scent of childhood,
The scent of paste and pine,
Is the night aroma of the body.

If there were torments -
They've sailed towards you.
My white sail into your darkness.
Allow me to go, oh allow me to go
And kneel on the shore of forgiveness.

- Leah Goldberg (1911-1970) - translated from hebrew by Chanah Shuvaly

and the next is 30 years after. 2005. Yehudith Ravitz remember the very song that opened doors for her when she was 22.

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