23 September 2011

21 September 2011

to the photographers

yes, to the photographers, those artists with a special eye to see the world in a interesting, particular way. they manage to catch moments, places, corners, games of shade and light - to share them with all of us.
sometimes, the image comes close to words, giving us a deeper experience.
Carlos and Stéfan, two torontonians are masters on the later, combining wonderful photography with subtle texts. so, this post go to the photographers, good and less good, professional and aficionado.

19 September 2011

crossing the street sketch

hey, here we are starting a new week. this is a quick doodle on paper, colored afterwards with Photoshop. as you already noted I like to draw people walking dogs. remember me my cocker time ago, which always loved to go out specially in very stormy nights. were good times after all. we were friends around fifteen years.
ok, leave you with the sketch. hope you'll like it.
have a nice week, guys!

16 September 2011

MESMERIZING for Illustration Friday

my contribution to IF this week. hope you'll like it.
have a nice weekend, creative IF people!

1 September 2011