15 December 2012

artistic bunny // conejito artístico

artistic bunny // conejito artístico by Frank.Hilzerman

a week posting drawings of people drawing. this is the last one, a kind-of-bunny-people, but people anyways. if you like it, then have all my wishes of a great weekend! but, if you don't like it also have all my wishes of a great weekend! 
take care and see you soon...

13 December 2012

drawing 2 // dibujando 2

thursday - the fifth drawing of people drawing this week. hope you'll like this one. around here today, sunny and warmer, after many days of clouds, cold wind and rain. nice. have you a nice day also.

12 December 2012

Rick Tulka

this is my fourth drawing of people drawing this week. a small homage to Rick Tulka, which drawings we enjoy on a daily basis at his flickr account.
this drawing comes from a photo of Rick I found in there. hope you'll like it. and visit his site, it is simply awesome. have a great day!

11 December 2012

drawing // dibujando

drawing // dibujando by Frank.Hilzerman

it is lightly snowing this morning. a delicate kind, on ground it dissolves quickly.
well, here goes the third drawing of people drawing in the week. hope you'll like it.
have a very good day!

10 December 2012

sketching 2 // bosquejando 2

sketching 2 // bosquejando 2 by Frank.Hilzerman

second of the series - drawings of people drawing.
we were around Niagara Falls yesterday. it was gray, rainy and cold. but we were visiting an old tea house, tasting greens, whites and other kind of teas and picking some sweets there. it was really nice actually, although the ugly weather. in the car, psychedelic tunes from the '60s, Donovan, Procol Harum, the Mamas & the Papas... you know. and that's was for sunday. back home, dinner and a good tv series... today, a new week starts. have a great one, fellas!

9 December 2012

sketching // bosquejando

sketching // bosquejando by Frank.Hilzerman

starting a week with drawings of people drawing. this is the first one, made by 2007. hope you'll enjoy the series.
have a great sunday, guys!

8 December 2012

rocker // rockero

rocker // rockero by Frank.Hilzerman

a happy hanukkah to all my jewish friends. for the rest, my wishes of a very nice weekend!

3 December 2012

jurassic park honeymoon // luna de miel en el parque jurásico

jurassic honey moon by Frank.Hilzerman 

starting the week with this old drawing from 2006. hope you'll like it.
have, everybody, a very nice monday!

1 December 2012


samba by Frank.Hilzerman

yesterday, the first serious snow over the region. but, it stopped during the night. now, gray and cold, whire roofs. winter is here already.
anyways, have a great weekend!

28 November 2012

in the party // en la fiesta

in the party // en la fiesta by Frank.Hilzerman

a sunny wednesday. but very cold. all the people walk with their hands into the pockets. it's the best sign to know if it's cold or not. anyways, good to see some sun and blue sky, despite the temperature.
last night started to watch 'Luther', the BBC TV series. excellent, totally recommended... if you like a good mystery crime thriller. british are the best doing this kind of production.
that's all for now. have a nice day!

26 November 2012

belle // bella

belle // bella by Frank.Hilzerman

monday. here, the first signs of snow - the light one, it melts arriving the ground. cold and gray days. the weekend went pretty good: a very nice meeting with old friends. talking and laughing, you know how it is.
listening a lot of classical music the last days. something inside me was asking for a quiet, beautiful classical break.
normally I listen it on line. have some fave radio stations there:
icebergradio, kusc, accuradio, kdfc,  the excellent classicandjazz  and, of course, the torontonian 96.3fm.

enjoy them and have a great monday!

24 November 2012

by night in the city // por la noche en la ciudad

by night in the city // por la noche en la ciudad by Frank.Hilzerman

my wishes of a very nice weekend, my friends. here, a sunny morning, but a deceiving one - very cold outside. actually, it´s the first morning in which all the roofs I see from my windows are white. think that during the night temps went deep below zero. nothing unexpected - we all know winter is coming sooner or later. and there is nothing to do about that. only to prepare warmer clothes.
see you, guys...

22 September 2012

walking the fall // caminando el otoño - sketch

walking the fall // caminando el otoño - sketch by Frank.Hilzerman

an old drawing. a couple walking in the warm, shady tones of the fall, squirrels, clouds over the horizon, birds flying south. an old sketch, I hope you'll like it.
have a great weekend!

21 September 2012

walking the dog // paseando el perro

walking the dog // paseando el perro by Frank.Hilzerman

fall is here. with it, rainy days, gray skies, wet streets. umbrellas and jackets coming out of closets.
it's colder but, anyways, fall has also it's beautiful angle. the long sunsets, the color of the trees...
september 21st and officially the fall is here. if you want or if you don't. convince your partner to go out and invite your pet also. have fun!

27 August 2012

20 August 2012

5 August 2012

... on hiatus ...

but already looking for an ASAP come back

10 July 2012

28 June 2012

nesting at Pier 4, Hamilton, ON

a barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) nest at Pier 4, Hamilton:

the nest is found under the roof of this shed:

and pay attention, the barn swallow is in danger in Ontario, so everybody can help them - a starting point can be to know a little more about this beautiful bird.

20 June 2012

two photos

two photos I took in the last days without any logical reason:

16 June 2012

around Pier 4, Hamilton, ON

last days of spring in Hamilton. waiting for the summer. more images from Pier 4 environs:

15 June 2012

swan nesting, Hamilton, ON

swan nesting at Pier 4. one parent almost immobile over the nest. the partner, nearby.

14 June 2012

13 June 2012

Valparaíso drawings // dibujos de Valparaíso

Great Britain ave., Valparaíso, Chile // Av. Gran Bretaña, Valparaíso by Frank.Hilzerman
Gran Bretaña Ave., on Playa Ancha hill,
southern Valparaíso, Chile

those who like my takes of  Valparaíso streets and corners, can go here to revise all the images made until now. there they are and I promise more to come. keep in touch! 

26 May 2012

a Faber-Castell good idea // una buena idea de Faber-Castell

in order to promote its products creatives of the company Faber-Castell have recreated two famous paintings - Terrace Cafe at Night by Vincent Van Gogh and The Screm by Edvard Munch - using complete new color pencils 'to build' the images. the results are amazing. enjoy them: