30 January 2012

woman, bird and flower

hi, there! a gray monday. yesterday and today the snow came and went with the wind. right now, we have maybe 5 or 6 cm of snow on the ground. nothing terrible. for tomorrow, a forecast with sun and a maximum of 6 degrees over zero! nice. hope the good weather will continue through the rest of the week.
meanwhile, this spring illo from years ago. hope you'll enjoy it.

woman, bird and flower by frank h.
woman, bird and flower, a photo by frank h. on Flickr.

29 January 2012

honest movie posters

what could happen if movie posters told the truth?
instead pompous titles and presumptuous subtitles, only the core truth about the picture. watch some funny-sarcastic creations:

if you want to revise all of them, go here.

26 January 2012

children and nature

hi there! thursday already. I've continued with problems in my left leg. doctors cannot decide if it's a muscle tear, some sciatic issue or a ligaments tear. have to go today to an ultrasound. I hope we all will be wiser after the results.
the pain comes and goes, but the real problem is I cannot be sat, nor in bed, nor standing, which is a real situation for us humans... hanging from a branch and resting would be great. halo sloths! 
enough about health issues. to something more fun: children, nature, animals. nothing better!

children and nature by frank h.
children and nature, a photo by frank h. on Flickr.

22 January 2012

time and asian girl

sunday. incredibly, we are walking towards the end of January.
yes, maybe you didn't pay attention, but we are already in the the second decade of the XXIst century.
(the first one passed among the attack to New York, two wars, the Wall Street meltdown and the internet revolution.)
and this 2012 goes ahead at full speed without rest. so, stop. a small look to the past: drawing from 2000 or 2001, asian girl.
have a great sunday!

21 January 2012

sleeping feline

saturday morning. blue skies, sunny, scattered clouds. -7°C in these moments. 
moment, of course, for a second coffee. badly, my left leg pain remains the same. some resting during the week and prescription pills didn't work so far. patience.
again today I post an old drawing, those I found on a CD from 2000-2001. hope you'll like it. a sleeping feline after dinner.

have a good weekend, everybody!

19 January 2012

an old sorry

it's already thursday in this  rush week. temperatures are colder in the region, but no snow nor ice until now. which for me, with this problem in my left leg, it's great: driveway and sideway are clean and dry and I don't need to go shove them out.
today, an old drawing again. one we can call it 'sorry'. also this one is from 2000-2001.
have a great day!

(rectify: at 2PM it began to snow copiously!)

18 January 2012

artist in pain

hi!, here I am after physicians, X rays, and a lot of pills... suffering from a very painful muscle tear. the problem is that have a long to-do list, plenty of stuff right now and more coming up, so the 'resting' treatment is not matching the situation.
we'll see, hope at least, pills will help with the pain.
so, here goes another old drawing from the 2000 or 2001. in a sudden semi-'picassian' style I'd say. memories from cigarettes, coffee and croissants. hope you'll like it.

could be interesting to make a new version of it...

17 January 2012

kissing the robot

another old drawing found in the 'memories chest' - a backup CD from some years ago. this one, also, from around 2000 or 2001.

16 January 2012

strolling with a 4-legged friend

strolling with a 4-legs friend by frank h.

hi! starting a new week. the weird winter weather remains in the region: sunny days, blue sky and a light breeze.  few snow and ice far now. pretty cool, personally I have no problem with these warmer winters.
have a great week, everybody!

15 January 2012

images of St. George town, ON

some days ago I went through the town of St. George, ON, on Regional Road 5. a little bit east of Paris, ON. here, some images I took.

closed for winter

parking at the end of the tunnel

waiting for warmer days

14 January 2012

artist, models and cat

other drawing rescued from the memories chest. also, done around 2000 or 2001, I think:

13 January 2012

photos from Greensville and Tews Falls, ON

photos from Greensville, ON and the Tews Falls right there. enjoying a sunny day the latest sunday:

fotos tomadas el último domingo en el pueblito de Greensville, ON. cerca, las cataratas Tews.

12 January 2012

images from Troy, ON

photos taken some days ago - before the real snow was coming to the region. at the Donn Zver Pottery and Tea House, Troy, ON. specially neat was the frozen fountain in the garden:

fotos tomadas hace algunos días, antes que llegara la nieve en serio. en el studio de cerámica y casa de té Donn Zver, pueblito de Troy, Ontario. bien simpática estuvo la fuente congelada en el jardín.

10 January 2012

bonus tuesday

southern Ontario remains under a big high pressure wave, giving us sunny days and temperatures above zero. I enjoy them a lot, each one of them is a 'summery' bonus. specially for people who need to shove snow from driveways and sidewalks.

9 January 2012

smoking - sketch

go start the week with a sketch. why not. and, people, have a nice one all of you! ... me too ...

6 January 2012

3 January 2012

wet murals in Toronto

no snow over Toronto this January 1st. in Kessington market. only the wallpaintings danced, in silence, under the rain.

2 January 2012

alcoholic gift

a friend I didn't see for three years came to my home and brought me this: cinnamon whisky
nice, very nice, specially with -6 °C outside.
I didn't know this brand, but how all of us know, everyday we have to learn something... and teach something... cheers!