27 March 2012

tuesday with more links // martes con más enlaces

hi, my friends. it's time again to review and re post here some interesting links I posted the last days on Twitter. so, to the work:
a bunch of art by Alphonse Mucha, published in 1897 on an edition of Ilsée. a documentary about Grateful Dead to be released on May 22nd. a very nice post about spring moths at east Canada.
a comics about Nietzsche. a well written article about facts check. a text about an incredible super wasp. and is there a relation between volcanoes and hurricanes?
who killed the big australian beasts? and  is homeopathy a sham? finally, 'Downtown' the 1st comics about children with dawn syndrome.
have a great day!

22 March 2012

evolution vs creationism – shall we debate?

this short video is simply too spectacular to ignore. Evolution VS Creationism – shall we debate? or shall we just eat yogurt? 

made by Beatrice The Biologist. saw at SciAm.

18 March 2012

sunday space boy // niño espacial dominguero

space boy by frank h.
halo, happy sunday! links. yesterday best links I twittered: spectacular art by Jeffrey C. Jones, a beautiful illustration by N.C. Wyeth for Robin Hood, 1917, an exhibit about american jews who fight in WWII, an article about the Keith Harring's exhibit opening at Brooklyn.
an article on how our brain works, Your Soul is in Your Eyes, and more science: this is about the beginning of brains in evolution,  and what means to be human - a redefinition. finally, how to be creative, can we learn that?
have a great day!

17 March 2012

by the fields // por el campo

hi, there! first's first. here, a recall of the best links I twittered yesterday:
a nice rooting for science. a nicer illustration by Bill Presing. an article about Pepe Larraz, a spanish artist who is big in USA comics.
and today's interesting quotation is: - ' Truly, which makes me believe there is no inhabitant on this sphere, is that it seems to me that not sensible being would be willing to live here'. - 'Well, then!, said Micromegas, 'perhaps the beings that inhabit it do not posses good sense.' (Voltaire, 1752).
this is all today. have a great weekend!

16 March 2012

three amigos // tres friends

hello, people. TGIF of course. do you want the best links I twittered yesterday? no? - well, anyways, here they go:

an interesting review about a book about cannibals (yummy!). in Chile, artist Lily Garafulic passed away. an incredible video about a robot who see itself by first time on a mirror.
this one makes a review about the best poetry moments in Woody Allen movies. an interesting  review of apocalyptic imaginary through history. here. somebody made a list with the best skies in art.
and in Chile, a wetland called Mantagua - a beautiful place on the Pacific - will be declared protected natural area.
that's it for now. please, have a wonderful day!

15 March 2012


hello, guys! here I am again. first, the best of my yesterday twitters. here they go:

very nice drawn girls and advice by Jefferson Machamer. 49 interesting  facts in Picasso's life and art. an interesting article about neutrinos and how they might explain the quantum asymmetry in the Universe.

the today's wisdom sentence is: 'magic, it must be remembered, is an art which demands collaboration between the artist and his public', E.M. Butler, 1948.

14 March 2012

stars girl // niña estelar

hello, people. hope you're having a nice wednesday.
here are the best links I twittered yesterday:

ten ultra-weird science-fiction books that became required reading in US.
a review about information and how it doesn't apply for biosphere evolution, and finally, comics: how adventure stories about pirates, romans and aviators are still relevant.

the sentence of the day comes from George Washington, Jan. 8, 1790: "There is nothing which can better deserve our patronage than the promotion of science and literature. Knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness".

13 March 2012

blonde little girl // niñita rubia

hi, there!
the best links I twittered yesterday?. don't worry, here they are:

a beautiful painting. a beautiful sculpture. a story about a possible hidden Leonardo
about Cynthia Wicks, who paints on iPad
some incredibly funny classic japanese illustrations
something about the free will. is it in danger?
and this is not on 2012 apocalypsis nonsense, it's more serious - human extinction. and after Fukushima, what about nuclear energy?

finally, the today's sentence: 'All our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike - and yet it is the most precious thing we have', Albert Einstein.
that's it. leave you with this cute girl:

12 March 2012

monday-bot // lunesbot

here, if you missed them, the best links I twittered yesterday:

a good review about french artist Moebious, who passed awaw last friday
Marseille may become the 1st Muslim-majority city in Western Europe. Can it remain a beacon of cosmopolitan harmony?
the body counter: mathematics and Human Rights. science into human reality
some ecologyClean power benefits from nuclear phase out 
James Q. Wilson - the smartest man in America - Dies at 80
finding a lost score by Mozart

today's sentence: "You talk to God, you’re praying; God talks to you, you’re nuts"

10 March 2012

fighting against the atomic octopus with a book of viking legends

fighting against the atomic octopus with a book of Viking legends by frank h.
have a great saturday, everybody!  and remember: always take with you a book about viking legends - you never know when an atomic octopus will attack.

9 March 2012

spring time clocks // relojes primaverales

have a very nice long weekend, canucks. and remember to turn ahead one hour your clock during the saturday-sunday night.
during the week the new iPad was exhibited, they call it HDiPad or iPad3 and say it is a lot faster also. don't know. meanwhile, as you gather coins to buy it, here you have this guy trying it.

4 March 2012

wake up! // despierta!

hi! here it goes something old, hope you'll like it. and have you all a very nice sunday.