27 December 2013

Van Gogh Shadow - Luca Agnani

in this video, the artist Luca Agnani added animation and shadows to some renown pictures by Vincent Van Gogh:

15 December 2013

13 December 2013

where are the creators

somebody re-sent this to my email. it shows a sad reality: the current disaster in pop music. how bad the things turned out in 40 years. today the pop world dances only around money and advertising, quality and creativity zero.

9 December 2013

an elegant felon

an elegant felon by frank-h
an elegant felon, a photo by frank-h on Flickr.
I'm posting a series of drawings I made looking at old photos from the Police archives in the '20s. the images are quirky, the characters are weird, but very interesting. try to catch their aura is fun.

30 November 2013

hot-dog eater

hot-dog eater by frank-h

hot-dog eater, a photo by frank-h on Flickr.
the first week of December, have a great one, everybody!

28 November 2013

soup recipes at large

now that the cold is coming a hot soup is good for the body and the soul. I googled for the best soup recipes internet can give. these are the results I liked the most:

1. 101 soup recipes from the magazine Canadian Living
2. a lot of easy soups from the magazine Country Living
3. 44 recipes from the BBC Good Food
4. the 10 best soup recipes according The Guardian, and
5. a bunch of soup recipes from Jamie Oliver's website

that's it. enjoy them!

25 November 2013

small night hours

small night  hours by frank-h
small night hours, a photo by frank-h on Flickr.
to starts this very cold last week of November. have a good one, everybody! see you again by wednesday.

22 November 2013

sunset by the cliffs

sunset by the cliffs by frank-h
sunset by the cliffs, a photo by frank-h on Flickr.
this windy drawing for friday. weekend is almost here, have a great one!

18 November 2013

13 November 2013

11 November 2013

22 October 2013

the new icon

this is the doodle I'm using as a new icon in blogs, flickr and twitter.

19 October 2013

Miami man with cigar

Miami man with cigar by Frank.Hilzerman
Miami man with cigar, a photo by Frank.Hilzerman on Flickr.
here, rainy and grey. maybe, missing the sunny days of summer I made this tropical doodle walking by the sea under blue skies. hope you'll like it.
have a great weekend!

14 October 2013

late in the night

late in the night by Frank.Hilzerman
late in the night, a photo by Frank.Hilzerman on Flickr.
after a rainy grey thanksgiving sunday, today we have a beautiful and sunny monday in Hamilton, ON. hope the good weather will continue for all the week. and have a great one, everybody!

4 October 2013

man smiling on a bi-color background

finally friday. on fridays its possible to taste and smell the weekend and thats cool because during the weekend we can do something different: in weekdays we draw in the studio but on weekends we can go out... and draw

14 September 2013

the Chedoke Trail, Hamilton, ON

images of the Chedoke Trail in Hamilton, ON., I took the last week. The road and some houses around it. hope you'll enjoy them:

Hamilton, ON., from the Chedoke golf court

wild apples