20 August 2013

3 swimming pool characters

last sunday I draw these during a pleasant afternoon at the pool in Byng park:

19 August 2013

glances at the farmers market

starting the week with this doodle. lines with black marker, colors with pencil and watercolors.
have a great week. my friends!

15 August 2013

14 August 2013

jazz in Oakville, 2013

Some images I took during the Oakville (ON) Jazz Festival 2013, last friday and saturday:

7 August 2013

relic // reliquia

relic // reliquia by Frank.Hilzerman

relic // reliquia, a photo by Frank.Hilzerman on Flickr.
I found this drawing in an old notebook from 1995. a relic, really.

5 August 2013

dog with man // perro con hombre

starting the week with this holiday monday. a fine way to start it!
have a good one, everybody.