28 February 2014


fisherkid by frank-h
fisherkid, a photo by frank-h on Flickr.
waiting for warmer days... this drawing from 2008 for the weekend.

7 February 2014

5 February 2014

Is religion science? is the Bible a scientific text?

always interesting. the most recent discussion between Bill Nyle, representing science, and Ken Ham, representing religion. yes, again... the origin of Life, the origin of Man, evolution, etc.
can the supernatural religious point of view be considered 'science' how Ham want? must that point of view be taught in science class? - the discussion is long, but worth it. watch:

4 February 2014

cycling by diaguitas culture

cycling by diaguitas culture by frank-h
cycling by diaguitas culture, a photo by frank-h on Flickr.
this, from the times when I used Photoshop to add color to illustrations, when 'digital' was cool!

3 February 2014

he likes old record covers

he likes old record covers by frank-h
he likes old record covers, a photo by frank-h on Flickr.
a sunny beautiful day here, although the roofs covered with snow. have a great week!