24 January 2022

Have a nice week!

Starting a new week, a new cycle, a routine of beginnings and endings, always renewing itself, gaining new energy, rising from the ashes like an eternal phoenix: Endraki goes out to the city together with the sun, like a guardian of the dawn

18 January 2022

Extreme cold and pistachio ice cream

Very cold days throughout Canada. Ontario and Quebec under snow, yesterday (Tuesday) they began to dig their way out. Central and northern Alberta was under a fierce storm: wind, snow, ice, dozens of accidents, vehicles of all kinds in the ditch. There will be a window of a day or two and then snow again. Right now in my town, -32 C. Wednesday, midweek, we must move forward in good spirits and confidence in the future, my friends - perhaps with help of a pistachio ice cream: Sunday mornings - they dress up and go to the park for pistachio ice cream

14 January 2022

Friday's gang

Friday again - this week has passed very quickly, it was a very busy one, but a good one, that's the main thing. I hope I have more time tomorrow or on the weekend to add some interesting links, mean while, today we will have to settle only with the group of friends below - have a good Friday you all and we will see you soon: Gang of seven posing for a quick draft

8 January 2022

When Bea realizes how much her pet has grown, she wonders if it really is a house cat

Domestic or wild cat? - There are about 40 species of big cats in nature: these they are and those are the places where they can be seen in their natural environment - Good luck and good weekend! When Bea realizes how much her pet has grown, she wonders if it really is a house cat

5 January 2022

Snow, cold... and birds

Almost without realizing it, we reached Thursday. It has been a VERY cold week, with temperatures between -25 to -30 degrees Celsius. But, the city is used to these winters, with polar cold and lots of snow and it continues to work, people go to work, shops open, restaurants are full ... And yes, there are birds around too, sparrows, chickadees, blue jays, woodspeckers, grosbeaks and many others: During her walk in the park the birds inform her of the events of the day