26 October 2021

Happy Little Man

From a cloudy city this happy little man wish you all a very nice Tuesday. Brew a good coffee, put cool music and enjoy your work: Happy Little Man

25 October 2021

Monday with Flowers Lady

Have a nice Monday and a good week. It was a very wet weekend and the rain continues today, drizzle at moments, but not cold at all. I am right now in my noon break cooking a coffee and browsing thru the news; posting up here too. Here we go with the first flowers lady of the week, see you, guys: Flowers Lady 2

22 October 2021

Have a Nice Friday! (Feathered Hat Girl with Bird and Flower)

Friday, the day when one can already smell the weekend - a very calm and pleasant one in the town - now, importantly, we are going to prepare a good coffee - have a good Friday, my friends: Feathered Hat Girl with Bird and Flower

20 October 2021

Striped Pants Cat

Hello my friends, how are you? Here's a kitten in striped pants for this Wednesday, happy the temperature has risen, and we have a warm, sunny day here in northern Alberta. I post this at noon, as always, taking a break to have my untreatable coffee at twelve o'clock - Have a very good day, everyone: Striped Pants Cat

18 October 2021

In the City

 Starting a new week; a very foggy Monday in northern Alberta, poor visibility at -2C right now. Election Monday too, mayors and councilors this time. Ok, my friends, have a nice week:

In the City

17 October 2021

Fall is Here

This drawing is from a few weeks ago. The most beautiful time of the season has passed. They call it golden autumn in Alberta. Even so, climbing to the top of the hills in the afternoon, looking from above the course of the river, the closed groves on its banks, gives us a unique view.

Fall is Here

16 October 2021

Glasses and Scarf Cat

I am not a cat man. I have never had cats. I had dogs - three, fish, turtles, parrots ... but no cats. I have nothing against them, it just hasn't happened. To compensate, I like to draw cats - here's one. More will come: Glasses and Scarf Cat

15 October 2021

Lemonade Seller

A memory of summer, again a different one, lived with a sanitary mask, two meters away and washing hands many times a day. It was a strange summer for everyone, but I think, especially for the children, for whom this vacation time is so much awaited - hopefully the next one will return to normal, with children playing outside, pedaling around the neighborhood and taking a dip in a swimming pool. Lemonade Seller

14 October 2021

In Birds Street

The peak of autumn is over, the wind has blown away the foliage and the hills are no longer golden but still and dark. The mornings are freezing, then later in the day the sun is a warm and friendly blanket on the world. In Birds Street