6 November 2009

BLUR for Illustration Friday

■ I'll use this old illo to contribute to IF this friday. I hope you'll enjoy it.
in Flickr it's possible to revise a bigger version.
have a nice posting day!

■ voy a usar esta vieja ilustración para contribuir a IF esta semana. ojalá te guste. en Flickr puedes ver una versión más grande.
buen día!


Connie said...

A cool idea and it doesn't even need to be animated; the feeling of movement is immediate!

k.h.whitaker said...

great idea!

Teri said...

Wow Frank, what a wonderful way to achieve that feeling of going so fast the scenery is blurrred.

frank-h said...

hi, pals - thanXs a lot for your comments, I'm glad you liked the illo.
gave me a lot of new ideas using this blur effect in photoshop.
thanXs again.

Rico said...

This is great ... I picture the music used in the opening sequence of the original Italian Job :-)

frank-h said...

ha! thanks Rico.

Anonymous said...

Frank I just thought that I would add my two cents to your website. I really like your techniques. You have done an outstanding job of showing motion. I hadn’t considered showing this type of motion by blurring the background. I like the mass of etched green and blue. It reminds me of just what the human eye sees. Art is so glorious to make and execute. I for one am more of an illustrator than a full on painter. I enjoy the perfect draftsmanship that builds my artwork before I add color. I’m always aware that someone out there has built a better mouse trap and I’m always looking for better ways to improve my craft. I earn my living by what I draw and paint so I’ll pick up tips and ideas where ever I can as far as illustrated art .
Other artists always have some great ideas. Thanks for the tips. Good job, hey that couple looks so happy breezing down the roadway. I’d smile if I was in a convertible also.

frank-h said...

thanXs a lot, Anonymous