26 December 2008

12 December 2008

2 December 2008

Rick Tulka not only drinks coffee there

american artist Rick Tulka draws people in a cafe in Paris. and do that in a brilliant way, catching their auras and personalities on his paper block.
go and revise his growing crowd of parisienne characters in Flickr.
you'll enjoy everyone of them!

29 November 2008

Yehudith Ravitz, "Forgiveness", '80s -'05

I think this clip is from the beggining of the '80s. History!
a very young Yehudith Ravitz singing 'Slichot', ('Forgiveness') a classic israeli song based on a poem by Leah Goldberg.


You came to me, to open my eyes.
To me your body was a view,
A window and a mirror.
You came as night comes to the owl
To show him, in the darkness, all things.

And I learned: There's a name
For each eyelash and fingernail,
And for every hair on the exposed flesh.
And the scent of childhood,
The scent of paste and pine,
Is the night aroma of the body.

If there were torments -
They've sailed towards you.
My white sail into your darkness.
Allow me to go, oh allow me to go
And kneel on the shore of forgiveness.

- Leah Goldberg (1911-1970) - translated from hebrew by Chanah Shuvaly

and the next is 30 years after. 2005. Yehudith Ravitz remember the very song that opened doors for her when she was 22.

28 November 2008

"Balloon" for Illustration Friday

this time I use a drawing posted months back. I hope you'll enjoy it.
for a bigger hi-res version you can go to my gallery in Flickr.

have a nice weekend, guys!

26 November 2008

please, come back to sushi

Ministry of Agriculture of Japan started a campaign to bring back japanese people to traditional diet based on rice, veggies and fish - the new 'american diet' of BigMacs is producing big health problems already in the island.

(topic and video, from Good Magazine)

13 November 2008

woman in sepia

"Kill off all my demons, Roy, and my angels might die, too."
quotation of Tennessee Williams in the movie "Transsiberian" (2008)

go to a bigger version.

10 November 2008

This make you dance, if you want or if you don't

Daito Manabe programed electric pulses in his PC, them connect it to his face. This is the result:

9 November 2008

summer night and Star Wars sketches

a new drawing, "Summer Night" - for a hi-res bigger version, go to my Flickr page.

thanks to Lines and Colors, to Michael Heilemann - throught them I arrived to these wonderful Star Wars storyboards.

8 November 2008

"Wise" for Illustration Friday

for a high resolution bigger version, go to my Flickr page and click on All Sizes.

have a nice weekend, everybody!

2 November 2008

last laughter before the elections

Joe the plumber was supposed to appear at a John McCain rally today, but didn’t show up. Yeah. So, apparently, the guy really is a plumber.

Yesterday, the Secret Service arrested a man who climbed over the White House fence. Yeah, the Secret Service told the man, "Get back here, Mr. President. You have two more months."
— Conan O'Brien

Did you all see Barack Obama’s infomercial? I especially liked the end, where Barack rose to the heavens on a cloud. Wasn’t that unbelievable?
-Jay Leno

And how about last night, when Barack Obama had his half hour infomercial TV special. I mean, thank God! It’s about time this guy got some media coverage, don’t you think?

I thought it was one of those heartwarming infomercials. It had a wonderful ending. In the final scene Barack Obama is adopted by Angelina Jolie.

On a campaign bus trip, John McCain actually snubbed Sarah Palin. But to be fair to McCain, Palin was busy shooting squirrels outside the bus’s rear window at the time.
- Dave Letterman

30 October 2008

25 October 2008

Gage park, Hamilton, ON - yesterday

more images of the place, here.

"Halloween is a week away. Why isn’t anyone buying the Sarah Palin costume? Her trick-or-treat bag alone costs $10,000" -Alan Ray

"...at a zoo in India the country’s only gorilla is lonely and needs a mate. He’s so depressed that every year on his birthday he blows out the candles and wishes he was a cow" - Paul Seaburn

"...not a great day for Sarah Palin. Today, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said that’s she’s not ready to be president. And he’s a Republican! and He’s like their super killer robot!" - Craig Ferguson

24 October 2008

'Vacations of Repair' for Illustration Friday

that's what all we need - a good vacations of repair - reading, strolling and drinking a cup of good wine under friendly sun rays. until that - work...
here it goes my contribution for "Repair", for Illustration Friday. a hi-res version, here.

22 October 2008

'Wine Sunset' - abstract in the middle of the week

middle of the week and we have a beautiful sunny day here, in south Ontario - a little bit chilly, but beautiful anyways - so, here we go with an abstract work full of fall colors and light: 'Wine Sunset'. you can see a hi-res version in my Flickr page.
and now you can see also my current weather in the column on the right hand.

I am enjoying a lot doing this line of abstract designings - it's fun - and isn't so simple like apparently is. at least for me.
the goal is to put them on canvas - and for that I'm looking for a viable way to transform CMYK or RGB colors to acrylic combinations.
its clear that those combos follow up a math rule - I'm working on that - any advance I'll tell you.

20 October 2008

monday of parallel dreams

monday - starting the week with abstract art: 'Parallel Dreams'. you can find a bigger version at higher resolution in my Flickr gallery of 'Abstracts'

have a good week, my friends!

18 October 2008

"Late in the City" - for Illustration Friday

my second proposition for 'Late' - the topic of the week in IF. the first one was this.
if you want to revise a higher resolution drawing, you can go to my Flickr site.

have a nice weekend, everybody!

12 October 2008

abstract + figurative

in my Flickr page I am posting a new line of digital paintings. they will be on canvas very soon!

10 October 2008

"Strings" for Illustration Friday

I think this south-american woman preparing wool for her loom is right for 'Strings', the topic of the week.
for a high resolution version of the drawing you can go to my Flickr page.

have a very nice weekend, IFs!

5 October 2008

on the Rockies

flying back from Vancouver, BC to Toronto. for a hi-res version of the image you can go to my Flickr page.

4 October 2008

Sarah Silverman on voting

this funny clip by Sarah has been answered for the comedian Jackie Mason, who represents exactly the 'type of jew' that Sarah aimed in her ad.
anyways, people get very involved in USA's elections this time, because they are important not only to the States, but to the world.
that's it for today - have a nice weekend!

29 September 2008

on Rilke

We must accept our reality as vastly as we possibly can; everything, even the unprecedented, must be possible within it. This is in the end the only kind of courage that is required of us: the courage to face the strangest, most unusual, most inexplicable experiences that can meet us.

- R.M. Rilke, from Letters to a Young Poet, 1929

(drawn from a photo of Rilke and friends at castle Muzot, in 1923 - see my Flickr page for more)

28 September 2008

Bob Dylan and others

I have been posting some new celebrities portraits in my Flickr gallery. I invite you to go there, revise them and write down some comments. Here we have my uncle Bob with us.
See you...

27 September 2008

Free Comics by Rutu Modan

This week, the New York Times brings a complete comics story drawn and written by Rutu Modan. You can go there by clicking here.
Thanks, NYT!

20 September 2008

Carbon/Silicon: renaissance of punk legends

Mick Jones, who was the The Clash leader in the '70s has formed a 'new' band - Carbon/Silicon.
Tony James, ex from Generation X is there too. actually they are playing together since 2002.
here they are singing 'The News', during one of their gigs:

its possible to find a lot of info in their web site, where there are some free tunes to download as well.
a gram of nostalgia?...

3 July 2008

Ants Trip

enjoy this russian animation from the '70s - 9 min. long - it doesn't need a translation at all - turn on speakers.

22 June 2008

5 June 2008

birds girl

passed too much time since my last collage - here is one I made yesterday. I hope you like it.

1 June 2008

"Baby" for Illustration Friday

this is my contribution for IF this week. to see it bigger and hi-res, go to my Flickr page.
that's it - now I'm going to revise your works now.

have a great week!

28 May 2008

dancing with Herb Alpert... the '80s

to dance (or to listen) old records its a touching thing - I can remember a casette (!) by Herb Alpert that I liked a lot in the '80s.

I found in YouTube something from that album and want to share it with you - have a good time!